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Rustic Bakery

Rustic Bakery partnered with us to build their first Shopify store and we've been helping grow and manage their ecom and online café business since. As a household brand and beloved local café and bakery with four Bay Area locations, Rustic Bakery produces true artisanal products with a clear mission — simple ingredients, exceptional quality.

From large-scale redesigns to the day-to-day management of their ecommerce operations, we understand the unique challenges that established CPG brands face. Managing both their DTC and wholesale channels, we ensure their operations are efficient and their store is an extension of the brand's commitment to excellence and community values.


The latest version of their Shopify site puts story at the center of the shopping experience, weaving beautiful lifestyle and product imagery throughout. Given that the brand started with the goal of pairing perfectly with Cowgirl Creamery cheeses — another client of Dines & Co. — we needed to ensure that the origin story was evident to everyone ordering online. This is especially important for customers who aren't aware of how the company started or the fact that they operate a successful brick and mortar café business.

Based in Sonoma County ourselves, we understand and appreciate the abundance of producers that call this region home. We're driven by those stories and the inherent relationships that drive brands like Rustic Bakery, and the importance of recognizing the local farmers and dairies that supply world class ingredients from right here in our backyard.

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Rustic Bakery

Photography: Michelle Min, additional photography courtesy of Rustic Bakery

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