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the jam brand bringing homemade recipes to stores nationwide.

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Bonnie's Jams

Using simple ingredients in small batches, Bonnie's Jams were designed to pair perfectly with specialty cheeses. From simple origins came a brand that's sold in major grocery stores and specialty retailers nationwide.

In the effort to increase online sales and reach, Bonnie's Jams hired us to overhaul their Shopify store and work directly with founder, Bonnie Shershow, to better tell her story online.


Before her jams were sitting on the shelves in many of the most highly regarded retailers around the country, Bonnie Shershow aimed to put her delicious jams on a shelf in Formaggio Kitchen, the renowned cheese shop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. From there the brand grew, but the recipes remained the same — slow cooked without shortcuts or any added pectin.

The goal of the project was to better tell the origin story of the brand, and highlight the orchards and farms where she sources ingredients. Like all of our artisan food projects, we want to value the producers who provide the ingredients and effort behind the brands we love. Videos of fruit orchards, as well as video and photography of cheese pairings, give customers a sense of how the jams are made and how best to pair them at home. We helped orchestrate a blog featuring recipes for Bonnie's Jams, and implemented a subscription solution that makes recurring orders seamless.

In addition to the redesigned Shopify store, we produce marketing materials and collateral for tradeshows and sellers, working closely with their team to make sure the store runs smoothly.

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Bonnie's Jams

Photography: Courtesy of Bonnie's Jams

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