Medplex Care Advantage

Working with the automotive insurance company from their inception, I designed Medplex's print campaign for the Texas market. From concept to completion, I collaborated with the founding board to create the first visual content ever produced for the brand. The ads informed the identity of subsequent digital and print content, setting the tone for a brand new sector of automotive coverage.


Hunter Gatherer

The Napa Valley boutique curates both high-end and rustic goods. At home in wine country, the storefront embodies an old-world mercantile stocked with contemporary craftsman wares. The logo is a nod to early agricultural seals and insignias without being dated, and refined without being ornate.


Once & Futurekids

Logo design and branding for a filmmaking collective that reinforces the childlike wonder of their brand and name, a play on T. H. White's The Once & Future King. Given that the first of the book's four parts is The Sword in the Stone, I sketched out a contemporary take on the iconic Arthurian image  - shoeless and sporting shorts and shaggy hair, it's intentionally playful. The logo lends itself well to movement, and an animated version went on to become the intro sequence for their videos.

The three concentric lines on the crown create a standalone icon that is recognizable on its own.