Name: Rebecca Miller and George Revel
Location: Glen Park, San Francisco, California
Size: 1,300 square feet
Years lived in: 1

Influenced by their rural roots and a shared passion for the outdoors, Rebecca and George's Montana retreat happens to be in the heart of San Francisco. Heirloom artwork, fly fishing antiques, and vintage photographs punctuate warm rooms filled with classic furnishings and plenty of natural light. Pair that with spectacular city views and modern accents for a distinctly San Franciscan take on rustic living.

Their style is the antithesis of decorative: every piece has history and every print has a story. The Slim Aarons photo in the hallway? It features Rebecca's grandmother on the lawn. The framed flies and fishing photos are relics of the generations of sportsmen in George's family. Together, they've distilled their family stories into a distinct narrative of country elegance with modern sensibilities. It's only fitting that Rebecca's events company, MartiniBird, takes its name from the Dr. Seuss print hanging in the study, and that George owns his own fly fishing store in downtown San Francisco.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: Both George and I grew up in areas that are known for fly fishing and ranching, so we have a rustic and natural aesthetic that we carry through most of our apartment. We also appreciate art and high quality pieces and love to choose items that reflect us as individuals and as a couple. We like things to be a mix of organic and elegant.

Inspiration: We draw inspiration from the outdoors, our lifestyle, and our family heritage. We are both fly fishermen and are nostalgic for our childhoods spent outside. We have two dogs and entertain often, so we wanted our space to be comfortable and functional. Lastly, George’s family hails from France and Sonoma, while mine is a mix of Montana, San Francisco, and New York. There are heirlooms throughout the house, like my grandfather’s racehorse trophies and his grandfather’s knives, as well as articles and pictures that have our families in them. The large Slim Aarons in our hallway is from the Aarons estate and features my grandmother. We also have a framed newspaper article that shows George’s family having a “corn husking” competition in Nebraska. In terms of design, I drew a lot of inspiration from Apartment Therapy! Our design partner, Abbott Love, was inspired by clean lines and functional space and sourced a lot from Restoration hardware.

Favorite Element: Our views! Also, we love our art. We have a few pieces from our artist friends, such as Elle Luna and Amber Jean Young, some from established artists such as Slim Aarons, Karl Bodmer and Dr. Seuss, and quite a few from the non-profit Creativity Explored.

Biggest Challenge: The layout is a little tough in our apartment. We have a small, narrow hallway that I wish were much wider. The rooms only have doors as openings, so it’s not a very open floor plan. They’re also off-center.

What Friends Say: I’m always shocked with the amount of compliments we receive on our décor and home. Our friends say they love spending time at our house because it’s inviting and it looks like we had professionals decorate! The latter is somewhat true, as I often turn to the geniuses at Abbott Love to rearrange and find the best use of space and décor.

Biggest Embarrassment: Our small bathroom and messy bedroom! Both are solved with a sense of humor. Also, our apartment is a garden apartment, so people may feel as though they’re going into a basement when they first approach our door.

Proudest DIY: We have two Robert Abbey chandeliers and a big, beautiful Jonathan Adler chandelier. The proudest DIY is that George did the wiring and hung them himself. We also worked together to hack our Ikea bookshelves.

Biggest IndulgenceOur art. Also, our settee set that is upholstered in Hermes leather.

Best Advice: Have fun and don’t take things too seriously, nothing will ever look perfect. Keep rearranging and changing things out then you’ll never be bored.

Dream Sources: Sue Fisher King, HD Buttercup, and the Alameda Flea Market.

Resources of Note:

  Most were here when we moved in, we did paint the kitchen a moss color.

  West Elm Console
  Mirror, One Kings Lane
  Chandelier, Robert Abbey
  Rug, Jonathan Adler
  Antlers, George’s grandfather
  “Drunk and Happy”, a photo of us by Anna Alexia Basile
  Prints, Norman Rockwell
  Photo, from the Slim Aarons Estate

  Dining Table, Design Within reach
  Wishbone Chairs, Overstock
  Bench, Gilt
  Pillows, Restoration Hardware
  Cow skin Rug, Sonoma leather boutique
  Stag by Creativity Explored artist

  Chair, HD Buttercup
  Side Table, Anthropologie
  Lamp, Jonathan Adler
  Rug, HD Buttercup
  Pillow, Therapy

  Hermes Lounge, Room & Board
  Leather ottoman, Big Daddy Antiques
  Leather chair, Hermes vintage
  Floor Lamp, One Kings Lane
  Table lamp, Barbara Cosgrove
  Rug, Heirloom
  Pillows, Sue Fisher King
  Bookshelf, Ikea Hack
  Couch, HD Buttercup
  Painting by the late Robert Moore
  “Hearts” by Elle Luna
  Oil Painting
  Etchings by Karl Bodmer
  Creativity Explored piece by Vincent Jackson

  Desk, World Market
  Settee, vintage with Hermes leather
  Chairs, HD Buttercup
  Mirror, Restoration Hardware
  Bar, HD Buttercup
  Chandelier, Jonathan Adler
  Rug, West Elm
  Coffee Table, vintage
  Bookshelf, Ikea Hack
  “Martini Bird”, from the Dr. Seuss Estate
  French lithographs, heirlooms